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When a theatre or auditorium are designed or refurbished, it is usually the architect who has the final decision and often, the opinions of the technicians are not listened with enough attention. As a consequence, the adaption of these rooms for the audiovisual systems is very complex and requires a stronger effort, forcing the technicians to search for more creative solutions. This adaption usually consists of the creation of audiovisual connection boxes designed for use in places that have reduced dimensions and/or maintaining the aesthetics in places where in reality it seems impossible to achieve them.

Pinanson works closely with the system integrators for creating unique installations. Knowing the dimensions and a list of pre determined connections in every point, creating a customised design for every project, without prolonging the expected period or causing disruption to the products.

Succes story: AV Pinanson Boxes for Theatre “De la Comedia” in Madrid 

teatro comedia

Minister of Education, Culture and Sports inaugurated Theatre “De la Comedia”, after being remodeled, with the performance “The Mayor of Zalamea” last October.
The Theatre “De la Comedia” was inaugurated in 1875. It has an important historical and heritage value as it is a representative theatre of the Spanish drama history from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
An emblematic headquarter for the National Classical Theatre Company, now with the necessary improvements for the Performing Arts of the XXI century in which Pinanson has participated with Chemtrol Theatre division, installing a wide range of audiovisual Wall rack boxes.

Succes story: Audio snakes in The Göteborg Opera

Ópera de GöteborgOne of the most prestigious locations for music, The Göteborg Opera in Sweden, transmits its high quality audio signal, through Pinanson audio Snakes. This opera house, completed in 1994 can accommodate over 1300 seats and up to 100 orchestra musicians.

Succes story: Pinanson connectivity solutions at Arteria Teatro Campos Eliseso Antzokia

teatro-campos-eliseos-de-bilbaoFundacion Autor asked Pinanson in 2009 to manufacture all the audiovisual boxes, wiring and Patchbays for the comprehensive refurbishment of the Teatro Campos Eliseos in Bilbao, now known as the Arteria Teatro Campos Eliseos Antzokia.

For this refurbishment we designed and manufactured audiovisual boxes in the form of the Wall Rack type, some of them with doors, for hanging on the walls, Table Box type and Standard Mini and Pcuad types for the confined spaces.

Also an Audio Splitter was made with transformers of great quality for the distribution of the 48 audio signals, as well as the necessary wiring, snakes, and sub snakes with remote boxes for the distribution of the stage microphones.

Succes story: Pinanson Stage box and wiring at the Wroclaw Polish Theatre

opera_wroclawskaThe Polish Theatre is one of the most interesting places on the cultural scene of Wroclaw. It can be found in the city centre close to the bus and the train stations and it is also in the important tourist district.

The Polish Theatre has electro-acoustic of high scale and a highly qualified technician. Its modern and spacious architecture has created it into a unique place that accommodates numerous special conferences.

Pinanson has designed an Isolated Stage Box from the S series (micro/line level) made up for the connection and isolated-Passive, mono balanced distribution, from one audio input micro / line level into two micro / line level outputs, as well as a direct output for 48 channels. All the outputs on Terminal Blocks are already in the interior of the wall rack for one internal and fixed connection. The inputs are distributed around the stage and enter into the splitter with Harting or directly on XLR (There are switchable options for some of these channels).