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here are a few industries that the technical enhancements have affected them in such a decisive way, as the Audio and Video Broadcast sector. These changes have increased enormously the requirements of Broadband for the transmission in high definition, 3D and other great quality signals of Audio and Video, which require faster speeds for the transmission of the information.


o have reliable and high performing wiring and to be able to adapt it to specific solutions at your disposal for professional connectivity, are determining factors for achieving the best results. The Pinanson equipment guarantees a high level of reliability, reducing the costs and improving the work flow in the digital configurations in the production studios.

Caso de éxito: En las Olimpiadas de Río 2016

FOTO OLIMPIADAS 2Pinanson devices are being in the signal transmission in the Rio 2016 Olymic Games which are beginning on  August 5.

RIO 2016

Under request the company OBS, Pinanson designed and manufactued about 300 units of panels and portable boxes with RJ45 connections in order to the audio transmission for the press commentators through structured cabling in addition to custom made boxes with XLR-Bantam connections (on the front side) and EDAC connector (on the rear side).


On the other hand, 240 units of the well known BNC 3G-SDI Pinanson panels and 160 panels with optical fiber + data + audio connectors. They are being a key element of the signal transmission  from the brazilian city.

Pinanson has been designing and manufacturing audio, video and data products for each Olympic Games from Athens 2004.

Success story: Pinanson at Castilla la Mancha Radio studios

IMG_9504_.jpgWEBCAJAS VOLUMEN2Pinanson designed and manufactured, directed by the customer in this case Radio Castilla la Mancha, some audiovisual boxes for their recording studios. They are extruded aluminum made boxes from our Box 45º series for surfaces. In this format the connectors are exposed to the user with the most comfortable and ergonomic shape for the use that they have been created. These boxes are worth to adjust the level that each user needs. Include headphone output both Jack 6.3 and Jack 3.5 and a potentiometer for the level adjustment.

More information of Audiovisual boxes for Table, here.

Success story: Pinanson at Real Madrid City


2014-04-28 14.04_Following the very specific engineering guidelines from Real Madrid, Pinanson has designed and customized, the AV boxes that are installed on the Real Madrid City field in Valdebebas, Madrid.

These AV boxes are stainless steel made with IP66 water resistant, have been created for the connection of up to 8 video signals to be transmitted through the optical fiber installed in the fields.

Video Converters, are not permanently installed and they may be moved to the needed site.

More information of the model here.

Success story: New Nice stadium

nizaPinanson designs and manufactures all broadcasting AV Boxes in the new Nice stadium. The successor to the former Stade du Ray, Nice headquarters since 1927, has been under construction since August 2011 and was inaugurated in 2014.

Success story: Pinanson at the Olimpic Games

LONDON 2012More than 200 Pinanson Patchbays were used during the 2012 London Olympic Games, providing 9.200 points of Video connection for 3G-SDI in the Broadcast Centre.

From the Patchbays employed, the majority had a format of 2 rows of 24 connectors, and they were specifically designed for dispatching Video 3G-SDI signals. The BNC connectors that made up the Patchbay are Female/Female and they offer a real impedance of 75 ?. The devices are carried out to the Standard SMPTE 424M. The connector is isolated from the chassis with Teflon PTFE material. All the Pinanson Patchbays are made in extruded painted aluminium and has polyester labelling and reinforced steel bar that contribute to the durability and a perfect finish.

Success story: National Spanish Radio connects with Pinanson

broadcast2The new installation in the RNE centre of Madrid operates by means of NTP 635-300 controller.

The regional version is controlled in the same manner and distributes total control to the multiplex consoles NTP 715, equipment which is used by the public radio station. Pinanson supplies the interface PT38491, commonly called “Bornero”, for interconnecting these controllers with the different studios and the equipment of the radio. It is an interconnecting box of 3RU. On its front provides 72 terminal blocks. Each one of them corresponds to a channel that remains reflective for connecting itself in the same terminal block and every time it directs itself to every Harting multi connector (12 channels for every multi connector), in the back part of the box.

Success story: On the road with the National Spanish Television

CMYK básicoSince 2001, National Spanish Radio & Television (RTVE) equips its OB Vans with Pinanson Audio Splitter. More than 60 OB Vans are equipped with these splitters whose main characteristic is that they function through an isolated galvanic process of very high quality.

These splitters are used for sending direct signals to the console, fed by the PHANTOM signal and distributing these signals to a fixed receiver by means of a multi connector

They are designed with one mono balanced input XLR3F, 1 direct output through the Harting Multi connector and 2 isolated by transformer outputs: one through the Harting connector and the other through the XLR3M connector. Its use is very simple and intuitive. The audio reply is very accurate. Its Fly Case format (suitcase type), has to be robust and hard wearing, for its use in a mobile unit.

The Multichannel splitter from Pinanson finds itself with a very good response in frequency (deviation 20Hz-20KHz is ± 0.1 dB) and exceptional CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) of 126 dB.

For the public entity they are usually made of 8 or 16 channels, nevertheless, there isn’t a limit of channels for a similar format.

Success story: Pinanson at the African Cup 2012

copa de africaFor the African Cup 2012 celebrations that were held at the beginning of 2012 in the Republic of New Guinea and Gabon, Auditel was commissioned for installing the IBC’s (International Broadcast centres).

The IBC’s that serviced the communication during the championships, set themselves up in the annexes joined to the stadiums. The IBC of BATA accommodated 282 workstations and the Malabo, 68. Both installations had interview rooms and all the necessary equipment for the efficient broadcasting of the game reports. For these installations, Pinanson manufactured all the A/V IP65 boxes for the connection of the cameras, as well as the Audio and Video Patchbays for the transmission of the events.