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Connectivity solutions for you A/V integration project The presentation rooms, boardrooms, assembly halls … The new technology should be 100% present in the design and the refurbishment of these rooms. For this reason the audiovisual integration into the design is becoming the more important. The system integrators that make these technical adaption, advise and offer the latest equipment so that you can fix the budget, but it is Pinanson who contributes to the connectivity solutions for this installation, in a way that the aesthetics and the convenience do not conflict with the technology. The attention should concentrate on what really matters, some high quality audiovisual services take care and respect the aesthetics of the room, and consider possible adaption and future remodelling.

Succes story: AV Boxes in the Carnival Vista Cruise


Last year the great Carnival Vista cruise  left port for the first time.

The needs of audiovisual connections of a ship are similar than any other installation needs are unless you have to consider something:  a humid and saline environment is a bad friend of electrical connections.

In order to avoid as much as possible problems in the AV installation due to sea-environment, the boat system integrators decided to install the most of the connection panels in AV boxes made by a IP66 protection and stainless steel material and connectors protected by lid.

CAJA 1-WEBFor the less critical places in the cruise, custom made Wall Plates and TBAT floor boxes were installed. Our client ask us a specific dimensions, colour and print of each box.

Pinanson manufactured all of these custom made products in a record time and by the hand of Seastema the specialist in the integration systems of large ships company.

Succes story: AV Boxes for new BBVA bank Headquarter


The up-to-date and modern headquarter of

 BBVA in Madrid (Spain) is composed of several buildings called: Oceania, Asia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, South America and North America. It has an Auditorium (in Antarctica building) and Press Room (in main, building La Vela) with capacity for 400 and 100 people respectively. These rooms make the AV connections through AV Pinanson boxes as Wall Boxes and Wall Plates designed and manufactured under request.

Also Pinanson manufactured the PTR2450ED2 Wall Plate for table and to couple the Bosch DCN-FCS controller, under request.

Success Story: At Spanish parliament “Sala Calatrava”.

congreso_calatrava_550x330_thumb_medium500_330IMG_0040Pinanson in the audiovisual systems implementation at la “Sala Calatrava” The project aims to reform Olozaga and Calatrava rooms and its transformation into a new commission room on the Parliament, whose scope covers the Digital Conference Management System, Voting and Simultaneous Interpretation, Video Subsystem, Audio Subsystem, Audiovisual Control Subsystem and Broadcast, Evacuation, Lighting and Power Line infrastructures. The solution proposed and implemented by Auditel is designed under the premise of compatibility, scalability, redundancy, efficiency in the maintenance stage and open systems, providing interesting functional advantages for the Spanish Parliament.

Success Story: At Vicente Calderon stadium.

vicente calderon20131227_151342Pinanson at Atletico de Madrid press conferences. The media will get their audio signal “problem free” through Pinanson Passive Audio Press Splitters, at Vicente Calderon stadium. The splitters were customized with the logo of the Madrid football team.

Success Story: Zaragoza Justice city.

551421_160583727444389_867714607_n30-09-13 067_.jpgWEBZaragoza Justice city equips press points with Pinanson splitters. One of the supplied models is a distributor for Network on Cat6, isolated Audio on XLRM, Video on BNC and headphones control for 2 press points. Designed and manufactured in a Rack mount box with customized white vinyl screen.

Success Story: A/V boxes for hospitals.

1374746691hospital New audiovisual box design in hospital operating rooms. Based on the style of the audiovisual Cuboid box, Pínanson has designed a new model with the capacity to accommodate safely and reliably, the audiovisual equipment to be installed in the new hospital operating rooms that allows broadcasting the operations. You can see different versions of this new model in the Hospital Virgen Macarena in Seville, Asturias University Hospital, Hospital Virgen del Rocío de Sevilla, Hospital Virgen Arrixaca in Murcia, Hospital La Paz in Madrid and at the University Hospital in Santiago de Compostela.DSC0224727-3-13 016_.jpgWEB

Success Story: Pinanson in the remodelled agency EFE in Madrid.

efe IMG_9892_.pngWEBPinanson A/V boxes are installed in the remodelled agency EFE in Madrid. The new agency located in Madrid, has different distribution A/V points that have been integrated in the floor. For the installation Pinanson Cuboid INS boxes were chosen for its sturdiness, ease of wiring and integration into the design of each room. The different boxes include BNC, XLR, HDMI, Cat6 and Powercon connectors.

Success Story: Pinanson at Mutua Madrileña

Pinanson made the audiovisual boxes for different locations of the conference rooms of Mutua Madrileña.

Cuboid Box

The Cuboid Boxes are designed and manufactured by Pinanson allowing you to install them under the floor or hanging them from the wall, in a way that the connection is done in parallel to the surface, saving on the space needed for the turn of the cable. The connection system is very simple, thanks to the spaciousness of the panels. The fixed wiring is done with cable glands in the back part and the front connections from a front access window. The result is a very really customised piece of equipment. Cuboid Box – More Information

Under Table Box

The Under Table Box, is designed and manufactured by our engineers, they are boxes for an under table installation, in such a way that it can be integrated into the table top by using the same material as the table, this will enable you to hide the box when it is not in use. These functions do not impede with our equipment, as they are totally adjustable and easy to install. Under Table Box – More Information

Cuboid Ins Box

The Cuboid INS Boxes from Pinanson are boxes for fitting to the floor and constructed following the clients specifications by our engineers. The dimensions of the box will depend on the number and class of the connectors. Cuboid Ins Box – More Information