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From customer contact to quality control

Pinanson consultation, design and manufacture customised solutions, following the needs and the directives of every customer. The technical team design products exclusively based on the necessities of the customer. For this, it is necessary to coordinate the work within every department strengthened by an expert team that helps the client with every decision. The joint work of its departments allows Pinanson to personalise the products in such a way as to optimise every necessity and proportion even the OEM products.

The Metal workshop

Pinanson - The Metal workshop
“Customised” a usual word
Since 1993 when we acquired our first mechanised centre, “to customise” for us is a daily occasion. In our metal department we really can make any piece from 1 unit, something that doesn’t affect the delivery, in record time.

The wiring workshop

Pinanson - The wiring workshop
Communicating vessel for A/V Transmission
Since 1983 we have seen the cable for what it really is: The communicating vessel of all the professional transmissions. Every connection deserves professional and exclusive dedication. Our team is trained for getting the best wiring for transmitting the best signals.

The Patch and Box workshop

Pinanson - The Patch and Box workshop
Assemblies that last forever
The detail to care from the team that works in this department is outstanding. We take care in the assembly from the first until the last rivet. In this department we also manufacture the customised equipment for power distribution under CE regulation.

The logistics

Pinanson - The logistics
To meet your delivery expectations
In Pinanson we are ready for any emergency delivery. A rigorous computer system always has the optimal materials in stock. The speed of the delivery is of course one of the main priorities.


Pinanson - Innovation and creation
Innovation and creation
The product development team is the foundation of our system. It is responsible for designing the ideas of our customers. Always keeping them in the forefront of the latest technologies, our product development team approach every new project, adapting our great catalogue of products to the newest market trends.


ISO 9001
100% performance products
In this department they arrange the procedures of production, verification and validation under our quality control system that follows the regulation of ISO – 9001 and that it is followed by the Pinanson team on a daily basis, in a way that all of the products that we produce function with zero error tolerance and they offer the user 100% performance, in accordance to the characteristics and the use for which they were designed.

Technical service

Pinanson - Technical Service
More than just a repair
In Pinanson we always work to make sure that all products will last. For this reason, we offer a technical service that renews the equipment to fulfil the best opportunities for renewing the products guarantee, whether the products are ours or from another manufacturer. You can contact our service team either by email or by calling us on + 34 949385444.