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inanson are the Spanish specialists for Wiring, Connectivity and analogue & digital A/V interfaces. Situated in Guadalajara (Spain), our company, designs, manufactures and markets connectivity solutions for the Scenic arts, Broadcast, Professional sound and A/V.

Our company has changed over the past few years converting itself into a specialist in AV technology, moving from the repairing installation of audio and video products to the manufacturing of the latest wiring interfaces. Our activity has taken us to a high specialisation that has allowed us to be the market leaders within the national and international audiovisual market.


ue to our success within the international market, Pinanson are now present in more than 30 countries in the world. Not only in the European Union but also in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, India, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina and Mexico.

Amongst our main customers you will find the Olympic Broadcast Service, from Athens 2004 to the most recent London 2012, the Spanish national Radio and Television, Televisa Mexico, the Teatro Real in Madrid, Liceu in Barcelona, Alfredo Kraus, Ifema and many others. Our motto is to improve everyday by offering our customers what they need.

Pinanson Team


Pinanson was founded in 1983 by Angel Sanchez Rueda. Our founder created the company after his career as a sound technician. After doing valuable work within the sector, which made him realise the shortfalls of the supply that the sector had and the problems he had faced during his own daily work.

In its first period, Pinanson specialised itself on the connections and wiring with the rule that signals should be transmitted by good lines. Then the Patchbays and Splitters arrived, which allowed us to enter into the world of Broadcast. Today Pinanson is internationally recognised by the most exquisite broadcasters, system integrators and A/V professionals; it also has points of sale throughout Latin America and in the north and east of Europe.

In 2008, Pinanson was awarded the “Produccion Audio” prize for the best sound company, recognising its 25 years of service to broadcast and audio connections, and its enormous international growth. The “Producción Audio y Produccion Profesional” prizes are seen as the most prestigious awards from the Spanish A/V industry.

From the beginning, the quality of Pinanson has been acknowledged by the best professionals. Our customised Patchbays, Splitters and other connection solutions are used in the broadcast centres of the Olympic games ( from Athens in 2004 to the next in Rio de Janeiro 2016), The European and Latin American broadcasters ( The Spanish National Television and Radio, Televisa in Mexico…) UBU-UER, Theatres ( Teatro Real in Madrid, The liceu in Barcelona, Alfredo Kraus from the Palms of Gran Canaria… ) and conference centres ( IFEMA in Madrid, the exhibition and conference centre in Malaga….).

Quality Policy

Pinanson dedicates itself to the design, manufacturing and marketing of Connectivity solutions for Scenic arts, Broadcast, Professional Sound and A/V. Our specialization allows us to guarantee the immediate delivery of the high product range, whether it is customized for the customer or from our catalogue range. All thanks to the detailed management within every stage of manufacture: from the personal contact with the customers designing the equipment of their dreams through to the comprehensive quality control.

Furthermore, we contribute our improved experience to the installations and the most innovative equipment that has the most professional and harmonious connection solutions.

We are constantly adapting to the new technologies in the design and the manufacturing of the products, which really allows us to make the customized equipment that our customers demand. Offering solutions and meeting the needs of the customers is our motivation.

The Pinanson’s evolution follows the new trends and the new regulations. Our quality manual, follows the regulation ISO – 9001, it demands that Pinanson makes improvements and is constantly changing in accordance to the current regulations of the sector, for offering prepared products for the future.

Thus, the basic philosophy and objectives that set the course of our organization are marked by the following commitments:

  • Commitment to fulfill all requirements, whether they are legal, contractual or others, that are applicable to us because of our activity.
  • Commitment to carry out our work in a management environment to ensure continuous improvement in our processes, our methods of action and in our relationships with stakeholders, by establishing and regularly reviewing our objectives and quality policy.
  • Commitment to promote understanding and transmission of our quality policy within our organization through training and continuous communication with our employees.
  • Commitment to effectively control all our activities, with special emphasis on the quality of our products, customer service and satisfaction.

The Quality System implemented in PINANSON satisfies the requirements for the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 being structured and adapted to the activity:

Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Customized Systems for Active and/or Passive Connection and Patching, Frameworks and Accessories for Audio, Video, Lighting and Scenic Art sectors

This Quality Policy and the rest of the documentary support system beholder, is mandatory for all staff of PINANSON. The staff is obliged to know and apply.