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Pinanson adds to its catalogue Volume Controllers for self powered speakers. These devices not only provide volume control (even amplification if it is required), but also provides a channel called C (of Central, since normally is placed in a central position) which is  L + R.

This equipment allows a fine adjustment level in each of the channels separately: L C R, for (in a normal use) keep it fixed and act on the overall level of the stereo and central signal using a single Master potentiometer.


It can be configured depending on number of the channels needed or if the sum of L and R is requerired for your application or not:

– Input: 2 CH LR / Output: LCR => REF.:PTR2277

– Input: 2 CH LR / Output: LR => REF.:PTR2463

– Input: 1 CH LR / Output: LCR => REF.:PTR1976

These controllers are perfect for OB Vans and audio-control rooms in which a unified control of self powered is required.