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Audio Snakes

Networking Audio Snakes, Analogue Audio Snakes, Stage Boxes, Stage Boxes with galvanic isolation, Fan outs, Multicores with Harting or Circular Multiconnectors and DSUB Multicores.


Press passive and active audio splitters with galvanic isolation - Press splitters with amplification per output - Press splitters for translations - Digital audio AES/EBU, AES3ID splitters - Video Splitters. 


Patchbays 19" for Audio, Video, Optical fibre, SMPTE 304, RJ, VGA, Sub-D-9, Dimmers, HDMI, USB. Angular Patchbays, Inner Patchbays, Door Patchbays.

AV Boxes

A/V Boxes for Surfaces, Table, Floor, Under Floor, Outdoors. Wall Frames, Wall plates.

Camera TransmiSSion

Snakes for camera signal transmission by Optical fibre, copper or hybrid multicores.

Power Distribution

Power distributors and snakes up to 400 Amps. For mobile or fix applications. Speakers and Amplifier distributors and snakes.

controllers and adaptors

Boxes for galvanic isolation, impedance and format matching, DI, Balancers, Attenuators, Fiber Optic Extenders for HDMI, DVI and VIDEO 3G-SDI, USB interface and other tools.

Cable and Optical Fibre

Cable and Multicore for Audio, Video, DMX, Data, Power, Hybrid and Optical Fibre.

Cable Assemblies

Cable assemblies with connectors.

Cable Reels

Reels for multicore storage. With capacities ranging from few meters to great lengths and weights.
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